Sep 23

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Souls of Mischief perform “93′ Till Infinity” live at Rifflandia Festival in Victoria, BC (video)

Photo c/o: Puds Brand

Recently Souls Of Mischief played the Rifflandia Festival in Victoria and even though two members were notably missing (Opio & A-Plus), they still held it down for their fans and kept the legacy of ’93’ Till Infinity’ alive and well. Our friends over at Puds Brand/Lotus Eaters/INEO Studios were on hand to capture Tajai and Phesto perform their classic track “93 Till..” and what an incredible job they did! They really did an amazing job at portraying the vibe and essence of Souls at Rifflandia. This was a special moment for filmmaker Matt Puds from Puds Brand, because only a month prior he connected with yours truly to interview Tajai in Vancouver (video below). Then a month later there he is filming Souls Of Mischeif performing live in Victoria…sometimes life just has a funny way of working itself out. Good work boys!

Links: pudsbrand.com X LotusEatersFilms X enterineo.com

SpliffBreaks.com Interviews Tajai from Souls Of Mischief

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