Jan 15

HHVtv & Spliff Breaks – Demrick Interview [Video]

It’s been a long time since Madchild has offically signed any artist to Battle Axe Records. That is since he’s resurrected the label from the rise and fall of its prior glory days. Outside of Swollen Members, a handful of artists have claimed affiliation but none have actually released any albums through the label until now.. Enter Demrick (formally known as Young De), the Spokane, Washington born, Philedelphia raised and now LA living’ emcee whose past collaborations include group members B-Real and Xzibit (Serial Killers), Dizzy Wright, Mistah FAB and so on. His new album “Losing Focus” (dropping Feb. 24th) caught the ear of Madchild, who is now an LA resident, and the two have worked out a deal to release Demrick’s debut solo album via Battle Axe Records, making Demrick an official BAXWAR artist.

Currently on the road performing with Madchild, Demrick was in Vancouver recently and John Zee from @SpliffBreaks teamed up with Dalley from @hiphopvancouver and sat down with Demrick to chat about his background and resume in Hip Hop, what Demrick represents, his relationship with Madchild and Battle Axe Records, the current state of battle rap culture, standing out as an independent artist in today’s world, taking Spliff Breaks and much more.

Links: @IamDEMRICK X iamdemrick.com     

Also watch Demrick’s new video “Space Island” off his new album Losing Focus (out Feb. 24th)

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Jan 26

Kobe Bryant learns of shoulder injury diagnosis [Video]

Recently a video published by The Players’ Tribune shows Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant being examined by team physician Steve Lombardo. In the video, Lombardo explains that one of the four muscles in Bryant’s rotator cuff has been pulled off the bone. The scene concludes with Bryant saying, “Ok.”

The video is short but impactful because rarely do we get such an inside, personal glimpse of a super-star athelte like a Kobe Bryant, having what is clearly an all-time career-low. Bryant is expected to miss the remainder of the season due to the injury. The Lakers announced on Friday that Bryant will not make a decision on whether to undergo season-ending surgery until Monday (Jan. 26th).

Over 35 games this season, Bryant has averaged 22.3 points on career-low 37.3 percent shooting with 5.7 rebounds and 5.6 assists. Bryant has sat out several games to rest. The 36-year-old has suffered season-ending injuries in each of the last two seasons: An Achilles tear in April 2013 and a knee fracture in December 2013.

At 12-32, the Lakers have the second-worst record in the Western Conference.

“This is the moment I accept the most challenging times will always be behind me AND in front of me.” – Kobe Bryant

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Jan 26

inCredible – “Mr. Alien” [Mixtape]

“Mr. Alien” is the debut mixtape from PoCo (Port Coquitlam via Edmonton) producer/rapper inCredible. From opening shows for Swollen Members to working with BSharp, inCredible is a new dude in the rap game who seems to have his in the right place to carry forth and improve with each release. Read what inCredible had to say about the mixtape himself and stream the project below.

“In a time where many innovators in hiphop are ditching their boombap loops and dirty vinyl samples in lieu
of synthesizers, dominating kicks, and trap hats; inCredible proves that you can always do something unique in a traditional format with his debut mixtape, Mr. Alien. Dilla and jolly mare flips, chinese samples, and some unexpected instrumentation make this spastic mixtape a melting pot of nostalgic beats, original flows and varying lyrical styles.“

Linksofficialincredible.com X @shawnmorozza 

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Jan 25

D’Chrome Foster Presents – #LoveMyBounce

To celebrate the launch of his official music video for “January”, D’Chrome Foster is launching a movement that calls forth all fierce and fearless females to assert themselves as sexy, empowered beings – and to encourage others to honor and celebrate what it means to be free. An interesting marketing approach indeed.. BOUNCE!

Join the #LoveMyBounce movement at: thunderclap.it/lovemybounce

Linksdchromefoster.com X @DChromeFoster

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Jan 25

Illvis Freshly ft. DJ All Good – ZIZO

Victoria, BC duo Illvis Freshly, release a new video for “ZIZO (Zoning In Zoning Out)” featuring DJ All Good. This video was shot both in The Turntemple, which is DJ All Good’s mobile scratch/jam station, and in Fantan Alley, one of Victoria’s most recognized vinyl/record shops.

Linksfacebook/illvisfreshly X soundcloud/illvisfreshly

PreviousSpliff Breaks & RADTV present: The Turntemple Jam – Bass Coast 2014 (video)


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Jan 23

Cool Shit Friday

the Whale and its infamous "poonado"

Another painfully terrible week of Jan west coast weather equals another amazing reason to close the blinds and fire up this weeks stacked edition of Cool Shit Friday!  this week we have Em, royce and Danny Brown all on the same track/Crazy Russian hacker shows us how to do a tie up like a ninja/ridiculous signs and so much more!



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Jan 22

Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark feat. Diamond D. & K-Natural – KING [Video]

2D character animations are set against 3D breaking walls and collage scenery with a jungle-bent urban New York City as the backdrop for the new collaboration for “King” between animator dreambear, SlimKid3 and DJ Nu-Mark feat. Diamond D. (D.I.T.C.) & K-Natural.

To view a list a cities/dates for the upcoming TRDMRK (Nu Mark & Slimkid3) tour dates, click here.. 

Also to view a series of recent photos from several members of the original Pharcyde (which Slimkid3 is of course a part of) performing in Vancouver at Fortune Sound Club, click here.. 

Linksunclenu.com X slimkid3.com

PreviousSpliff Breaks Interviews: DJ Nu-Mark at Shambhala 2014 (Video)

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Jan 22

Pitchfork: Unreleased Interview w/ A$AP Yams

Pitchfork recently liberated a previously unreleased interview with A$AP Yams that they had never put out before. However due to Yams untimely passing, they decided it was fitting to finally get it out there. In this interview, Yams is joined by members of A$AP Mob and Flatbush Zombies in Montreal @ Metropolis November 20th, 2012..

To read up on Pitchfork’s full homage article to Steven Rodriguez aka A$AP Yams, click here.. 

R.I.P Yams.

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Jan 21

Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death – Stoned & Dethroned (Mixtape)

I recently came across Seattle rapper Nacho Picasso while looking to expand my knowledge of artists just south of the Canadian border. What I found was a dope new 12-track mixtape titled “Stoned & Dethroned” that he had done with the production duo, and fellow Seattle, Washington natives, Blue Sky Black Death. Turns out this is the fourth project these two have collaborated on together and I can see why they continue to do so.. Nacho’s voice and slow, druggy rap flows blend perfectly with the dark, menacing, almost eerie sounds that BSBD provide.. Enjoy!

Links: @NachoPicasso X @BSBDmusic

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Jan 19

The Pharcyde & ADAPT Art Show @Fortune Sound [Pictures]

Photos: Ronan Considine - considinephotography.com X IG: @considinephotography

Included below are pictures from last weeks ADAPT art show (featuring pieces from such artists as Adapt, Def3, Naks and Dedos) and The Pharcyde performance at Fortune Sound Club. Founding and former Pharcyde members Fatlip and Slimkid3 along with Bizarre Ride Producers J-Sw!ft & LA Jay performed the “Bizarre Ride” album live from start to finish. Spliff Breaks contributing photographer Ronan Considine was on hand to snap some flicks of the event. As always, thank you to the entire staff at Fortune Sound for having us down yet again. It’s always a pleasure.

To view the entire set of photos from this event, visit: spliffbreaks/the-pharcyde-adapt-art-show-fortune-sound

Linksbizarreridelive.com X @BizarreRideLive

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Jan 16

Cool Shit Friday

Its the end of another long winter work-week and what better way to celebrate than a big pile of cool shit??  I got so much for you to check out and kill some time with this issue!  Nancy Grace arguing with 2Chainz/Combinded ps4 x Xbox/Man awakens from 12 year coma and so much more!


Car dealership treats pizza guy like shit, receives Internet’s wrath (16 photos & Video)

The 2 Chainz–Nancy Grace Weed Debate Is As Amazing As It Sounds

Every David Bowie hairstyle from 1964 to 2014

The Best Old PNE Photos 1914-1980

BlackBerry Just Got Busted Tweeting From An iPhone

The Larry David Lynch Tumblr is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty weird

2015 Razzie NominationsThis is what a combined Xbox One/Playstation 4 laptop looks like

Great Guy Andrew Braithwaite does Rio de Janeiro on 8,000 Calories a day.

Man Awakens After 12 Years in a ‘Vegetative State,’

Dog takes City Bus to Dog Park…..everyday!

Here’s a Collection of 19th-Century Romanian Tattoos and the Skin They Were Etched On

Watch Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Dazed and Confused’ Audition

Amazing trailer for the ski film “One of those days 2 – Candide Thovex”

If People Talked About Pizza The Way They Talk About Babies

ESPN’s Hannah Storm shoves makeup artist offscreen on live television

 XFL Debut: NY/NJ Hitmen vs Las Vegas Outlaws with Bonus 

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