Aug 29

Cool Shit Friday

Another summer week of craziness and it is Friday already!  The last of the every two week cool shit Friday’s and next week we will be back on our every week steeze.  this week I have a ton of cool shit for you to roll around in all weekend (metaphorically guys, come on!) Wall Climbing Fails/ illegal urban photo’s/new Danny Brown and so much more!


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Aug 29

Cam’ron in Vancouver @Venue Nightclub (Pictures)

Photo c/o Asher Jones Photography

Photos and review of the Cam’ron show that took place at Venue Nightclub on Aug. 23rd are now up and the entire picture set can be viewed HERE..

“Last week Vancouver was a buzz regarding the fact that the Diplomats general and Hip Hop icon from Harlem World, USA, Cam’ron would be rolling through our city to perform for his first time ever. In the weeks leading up the show, which was presented by BlueprintLIVE, I heard a wide array of conversations about Cam’s anticipated appearance in Van City. Conversations ranging from those who were die-hard Cam fans and were beyond excited to finally get to see one of their Top-5 rappers get busy in person, to those who….”

(to see the full set of pictures and post-show review, visit:

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Aug 26

FATTIKUS ( Fatty Down & Attikus) – Breaking Bread (Video)

Brand spanking new video by the homies FATTIKUS (Fatty Down and Attikus), “Breaking Bread”! Awesome, positive vibes on this joint and an uplifting, happy set of visuals to accompany the song. Below is a bit of inside info on the video from Attikus himself.. Enjoy!

Fatty Down and I just dropped a new video for our track “Breaking Bread”. It was produced by our good friend Jordan “Illikon” Robinson who sadly passed away in a car accident last summer. This was one of his last beats. This video is dedicated to his legacy. It’s a track about making the most with your family and friends and appreciating where we have come from. It was shot on a sunny West Coast July afternoon at Hume Park in New Westminster just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada. It features over 70 of our favourite people. ~ Attikus X facebook/FATTIKUS X @BIGATTIKUS X

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Aug 26

THUMP presents: Electric Forces [America's Vets and The Healing Power of Festival Culture]

I found this very cool and intriguing. I myself have been curious if there’s a deeper more profound reason as to why we attend such music festival gatherings as Shambhala etc.. I’ve even been asking those I come in contact with at these festivals if there’s a greater good for humanity by attending these collectied gatherings and the reactions I’ve been getting have been profound and enlightening to say the least (our own video coming soon).

THUMP, VICE’s electronic music channel, recently highlighted the transformative impact that electronic music festivals have on U.S. war veterans and festival-goers in their latest video. THUMP teamed up with Electric Forest (an electronic festival in Michigan) and talked to a group of US veterans and electronic music lovers to celebrate the magic that can happen when people get together to dance. This video captures the debut of the Electric Forces program: a service and culture program aimed at highlighting and perpetuating the healing power of music. X

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Aug 22

RE:LIVE – Shambhala Music Festival – Stickybuds [Fractal Forest set]

RE:LIVE festival season continues with Stickybuds dropping his set from this years Shambhala Music Fest. I was present for this set, which took place at the Fractal Forest stage (where Sticky always throws down his annual mix) and as always, I had a blast rockin’ out to all of the dope and funky mixes the homie threw together. Below I’ve included the stream to the set and a few choice words from Mr. Buds himself…    

“This years Shambhala Music Festival was my 10th year playing in the Fractal Forest. It was a blast, and I thank the thousands of people who came out to party with all of us. As always, I tried to weave together the most interesting and fun set I could with exclusive tunes and acapellas provided by my talented friends from around the globe. I hope the set gives you hours of listening enjoyment. Big love, and thanks always for the support!”


Linkssoundcloud/stickybuds X X @djSTICKYBUDS

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Aug 21

Slaine – Bobby Be Real ft. Tech N9ne & Madchild (Video)

New video from Boston’s Slaine – “Bobby Be Real” featuring Tech N9ne and Madchild. Taken from Slaine’s recently released album “The King of Everything Else” (out now on iTunes). I’m loving the upbeat, yet dark circus swing feel of this song and each rapper compliments the beat well imo..

Tech N9ne will be live in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom on Sept. 11th. For tickets, visit:

Links: X @SlainesWorld

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Aug 21

Statik Selektah – “Carry On” ft. Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs (Video)

This video is so dope… from the whole cypher feel, to the backdrops, to the ol’ VHS feel it has to it, to just the overall content of the hook; “I’m just trying to carry on tradition”… YES! This is some good, good hip hop. All parties involved kill it.. Statik Selektah’s incredibly sick What Goes Around LP is out now on iTunes.

Links@StatikSelekt X @joeyBADASS_ X @FreddieGibbs

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Aug 20

Action Bronson – Easy Rider

This is just all the way dope… Action Bronson never ceases to amaze me with the visuals he puts out. Today Bronson released the video for “Easy Rider,” the first single off of his highly anticipated forthcoming album Mr. Wonderful. The video features Bronsalino cruising through the desert behind the wheels of a low rider in search of his guitar, with bar fights, acid trips and smudging along the way. Yes! Directed by Tom Gould.

Links@ActionBronson X @TomGouldShoots

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Aug 19

Truth – “How Strange” EP X “Hollow World” LP

Truth @Shambhala - Living Room Stage - Photo c/o Benz Photo

For me, visiting music festivals is all about feeling out certain vibes and knowing that it’s ok to take off and hop around from stage to stage. Sometimes the DJ you went to see just isn’t playing the BPM’s that are right for your mood at that current time, so if you find yourself in that situation just walk away (or skip, hop, strut) to another stage and give someone else a try. That’s exactly the situation I found myself in last week at Shambhala on Saturday night around 2am.. I was bouncing around from the Pagoda, to Fractal Forrest, to The Village and so on.. and by this point of the night I was getting a bit tired of hearing the head-smashing, high rate BPM’s that were pumping out of the PK Sound speakers (no offense to those DJ’s, its just how I was feeling at that current time). I needed something more chill and mellow, more deep and mysterious, something I could feel resonate within the core of my soul. I found exactly that at the Living Room stage with Truth. The duo from New Zealand played a set that was laced with some of the deepest bass notes I had ever heard and match that with the many reggae/Jamaican vocal samples and the fire cannons hooked up around the dance floor and I was set for the right pace I needed at that time. Their mix was like a comforting warm blanket of dopeness that I fully welcomed and accepted. Thank you Truth for bringing that heat and tapping into the right pace for my Spliff Breaks soul..

Below I have included streams of two of the most recent releases from Truth for your listening pleasure with the hopes that their Shambhala set was recorded and will be released soon.. Enjoy!

Linkssoundcloud/truthdubstep X X @truthdubstep

Truth – “How Strange” EP

Truth – “Hollow World” LP

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Aug 18

Tyler Skyy – Dear Forever (album)

Tyler Skyy (Vancouver, BC) releases his new album titled, Dear Forever. The LP is 13 tracks deep with collaborations by BDice, Northwest Division, JayKin, Carley Belfrey and 17-year old Neyvone. This project is well-balanced and welcomes fans of many genres to enjoy the record which also includes the single “Smiling” (watch video HERE)

Throughout this record, 21-year old Tyler describes the details of his past heart surgeries and the struggles of moving away from home at a young age to pursue music while keeping a positive message throughout. Tyler has spent over 15 months developing and perfecting this project while living and grinding away in Van City.. #PointUp X @itstylerskyy X facebook/itstylerskyy

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