Sep 21

Spliff Breaks – Woodhead Interview at Bass Coast Festival 2015 (Video)

woohead-video image-spliffbreaks

While during our visit to the 2015 Bass Coast Music Festival, we had the chance to interview Darren Woodhead or simply known to many as, Woodhead. Being the veteran DJ in the Electronic/House/Techno and Festival scenes in Vancouver and surrounding areas of British Columbia that he is, his insight on not only music but also the festival culture on a whole is in depth and extensive. Spliff Breaks was lucky enough to soak up some of those experiences with him during our time spent at this amazing festival.

Woodhead and John Zee discuss mobile saunas and The Sauna Sessions, the Vancouver Electronic music scene/community, Woodhead’s early days and the Soundwave Festival (Tofino, B.C.), differences from earlier party days to more current music festivals, what excites Woodhead about the current rave scene and much more..

Host / Producer: John Zee X Filmed by: Spencer Rieu and Paddy Lane – Edits by: Spencer Rieu X @DarrenWoodhead X

Also stream Woodhead’s newest all vinyl mix he recently recorded and released on SKMB.

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Sep 15

HHVtv – Madchild Interview at Alexander Gastown (Video)


Madchild (Battleaxe Warriors/Swollen Members) sits down with Hip Hop Vancouver after his show at Alexander Gastown. In this interview conducted by yours truly John Zee, Madchild discusses his return home toVan City, the release of his third solo album “Silver Tongued Devil”, his recent twitter musings on the music industry, if he plans on continuing to work with ‪‎Vancouver rappers since moving to L.A and what happened to him at the recent TeamBackPack cypher.

In closing, Madchild shares with us some influential advice that has helped him sustain a 17+ year career in music and discusses how he feels “Vancouver needs to get back to being more of a community again”.

Host/Co-Produced by: John Zee and Shot/Edited/Co-Produced by: David Dalley. X

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Mar 12

“How Do You Enjoy a Spliff Break” (Highlights) Ft. Devin The Dude, Raekwon, Tech N9ne, Demigodz, Asher Roth, Tajai, Sabota, Pigeon Hole & Stylust Beats

‪‎Spliff Breaks‬ has put together a highlight video of answers to our catchphrase question we ask in interviews; “How Do You Enjoy a Spliff Break?”.

Being that the people we interview all come from their own set of diverse backgrounds, the answers we get are often as original and unique as our guests themselves.

Guest features include: Stickybuds, Devin The Dude, Pigeon Hole & Stylust Beats, Tajai (Hieroglyphics), Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), DJ Nu-Mark, Tech N9ne, Asher Roth, Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled), Sabota.

Host / Producer: John Zee – Twitter / Instagram / Facebook: @spliffbreaks 

Video edited by: Matt Pidutti:

Contributing Videopgraphers include:
Matt Pidutti – Nathan Skillen: RADTV – Spencer Rieu – David Dalley:
Johnny Erwin: – Daniel J. Pierce: – Colby Rex O’Neil: – Trevar Fox:

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Oct 02

Daejo x Kyirim – DK Kountry (Album) X The Get Down (Video)

Daejo-kyirim-dk kountry

Daejo and Kyirim recently released an album together titled “DK Kountry”. The album features collaborations with Eligh of Living Legends, Afroman, AYOK, DJ K-Rec, and DJ Nayles. Each song is a reflection of the moments and instances in their lives that came to shape who they are today. Together they inject themes of learning morality, conscious living and finding the fun in life into songs about skateboarding, spirituality, Pokemon, smoking weed (or the lack there of), finding love and more.

Stream “DK Kountry” below and head over to for the DL. Also included is the new video for their song “The Get Down” and their single “Divided” featuring Eligh from Living Legend.  

Links: X @DaejoXkyirim 

Daejo X Kyirim – The Get Down

Daejo x Kyirim – Divided Ft. Eligh (beat by: Cander)

Daejo x Kyirim – DK Kountry

PreviousKyirim – Where I Live ft. Moka Only & DJ K-Rec X KYIRIM & DAEJO – ‘LIKE A MASERATI’ 

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Oct 01

Tom MacDonald – “Hour Glass” / “Who I Am” / “Bout It”

Tom MacDonald - Hour Glass  Who I Am  Bout It-spliffbreaks

Tom MacDonald delivers his new video which includes three songs in total, “Hour Glass” / “Who I Am” / “Bout It”. “Hourglass” is the first single from Tom’s upcoming album slated for release in 2015, while “Who I Am” and “Bout It” are the first two singles from MacDonald’s upcoming mixtape, also slated for release in 2015.

Never one to disappoint with the visuals, this time around Tom hits us with a short film of sorts to accompany his mini soundtrack. He also lives out my childhood dream of being a DC Comics superhero, as he gets his Batman swag on heavy.

Directed, written & edited by Tom MacDonald – Cinematography by Jeremy Cox.

Links@therealmrmac X X facebook/TheRealMrMac

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Sep 18

The Funk Hunters present: 2015 SHAMBHALA MIX

funk hunters-shambhala 2015 mix-spliffbreaks

The Funk Hunters (Vancouver, BC) just dropped their our annual Shambhala 2015 Mix. This was their 6th year performing in the Fractal Forest, and you can now again relive the magic and vibes of this amazing festival through their set. Live Sax performed by Smoothie. For the full track listing and free download, visit their soundcloud page.

This set is dedicated in loving memory of Jon Horvath from Fort Knox Five.

Links X @thefunkhunters X

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Sep 18

Harm Franklin – A Week In Vancouver

harm franklin-a week in vancouver-spliffbreaks

Harm Franklin (aka Dirty Harry) reps Calgary hard, but in this new joint he expresses his desire for some rest and relaxation in our beloved city of Vancouver. He also promises that his new album TLC3 (The Learning Curve 3) is on it’s away soon. You can also DL “A Week In Vancouver” for free via Harm’s soundcloud page.

Links@HarmFranklin X facebook/harmfranklin 

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Sep 16

Yelawolf – “Devil In My Veins” (Video)


Catfish Billy gives the visual treatment to one of my favourite cuts from his Love Story album.

Links: / IG: yelawolf

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Sep 07

Raekwon in Vancouver at Venue Nightclub (Pictures)


Raekwon 3

Raekwon from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan performed live in Vancouver on Friday, Sept. 4th and Spliff Breaks contributing photographer Ronan Considine was on hand to capture pictures from the show that took place at Venue Nightclub. The veteran MC was on tour celebrating 20 years since his now legendary album Only Build 4 Cuban Linx was released and he made sure to deliver a plethora of classic joints for the loyal and appreciative Van City audience that was over 400 people strong. Backed by Vancouver OG, DJ Flipout (who DJ’d for Rae back in 2000 at Richards on Richards) they ran through the OB4CL hits “Ice Cream”, “Criminology”, “Incarcerated Scarfaces”, “Ice Water” and even “Rainy Dayz”. Rae also made sure to include several Wu-Tang favourites like “Can It Be All So Simple”, “Da Mystery Of Chessboxing” and “Triumph”, which seen The Chef rap all nine Wu members verses back to back.

Overall it was a great show from someone who has attained longevity in the hip hop game that is seldom witnessed nowadays. Here at Spliff Breaks we salute the God MC Raekwon and wish him another 20 more years of prosperity and success. Peace.

Words: John Zee – @SpliffBreaks
Photos: Ronan Considine – @considinephotography -

To view the entire photo set, visit: Raekwon in Vancouver at Venue Nightclub (Pictures)

Raekwon 9

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Sep 04

Aaron James and The Black Water – Change (Video)

aaron james and the black water-change-spliffbreaks

‘Change’ is the debut single from Vancouver Island’s ‘Aaron James and The Black Water’. This soulful, muddy tune is just a glimpse of what’s to come off their new EP coming winter of 2016 on Risqué Disque Records

“My goal is to make a record that combines the inorganic but heavy attitude of Hip Hop production, with the raw emotion of live off the floor Rock records of the 60s…” – Aaron James X facebook/AaronJamesandtheBlackWater X @AaronJamesband 

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Sep 03

Scott Jackson ft. Alexandria – 90’s R&B Beatbox/Singing mix (Video)


Scott Jackson is back yet again this week with another quick strike, one take Beatbox video. This time around he’s jamming in a Toronto stairwell with singer Alexandria, who covers a medley of 90’s R&B songs accompanied by Scott Jackson’s beatboxing. Really enjoying these videos Scott’s been putting out and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Links@ScottJacksonBB X facebook/scottjacksonbeatbox X IG: @scottjacksonbb

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