Nov 26

Homesick – Looking Back at Shambhala 2014 [Spliff Breaks]

The third and final installment of our Spliff Breaks X Shambhala 2014 video series concludes with a visual recap of this year’s festival shot through the eyes of our talented cinematography team that consisted of Johnny Erwin, Daniel J. Pierce and Spencer Rieu. This recap (edited by Johnny) is unique because it flawlessly contrasts the variety of change that day to night at Shambhala brings, while at the same time maintaining a strong focus on the positive community aspect this festival and it’s people provide.


Spliff Breaks proudly presents: Homesick – Looking Back at Shambhala 2014

Cameo’s by: Skii Tour, A massive group hug, Opiuo, Liam Park, Emotionz, Mat The Alien, Hula Hoopers, Zion I, Happy Island, DJ Nu-Mark, GRiZ and the many other beautiful, amazing people who appear in this video.

See you next year! - @SpliffBreaks - Thanks to: Mitch Scott & the Shambhala media crew.

Tickets on Sale Now at:

Music: Sunmonox – “Parma Panorama” and Tropkillaz & Party Favor “Dat Booty”

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Nov 12

Sabota Interview with Spliff Breaks – [Bass Coast 2014]

While up at Bass Coast Festival this summer, Spliff Breaks linked up with RADTV and hung out with Vancouver dance/electro duo Sabota (Hybridity Music) for an interview. The name “Sabota” comes from an infamous area in Nelson BC, where people used to congregate late at night to smoke weed, hook up and watch the sun come up (kinda like these summer festivals we all love attending..) The group consisting of Max Ulis (Lighta! Sound) and Robbie Slade (Humans) both have somewhat indirect roots in the area, making it a fitting concept for their collaboration. 

Sabota was nice enough to buckle up with us and take some time away from their Bass Coast experience to discuss such topics as: Sabota’s mutinous spirit / the essence of ‘rave’ / Sabota’s creation / the roots of their musical collaborations / Sabota’s performance and creating music live on stage / the story behind the “Sabota” name / what really happens in the ‘hour before sunrise’? / is the West Coast music scene shaping Electronic music worldwide? and much more..

Filmed: Nathan Skillen and Jonathan Krauth @RADTV – Edited: Nathan Skillen @RADTV – Audio: The Sonic Root – Hosted/Produced: John Zee @spliffbreaks

Links: soundcloud/sabota X @Sabotamusic X facebook/sabotamusic

Previous: Spliff Breaks & RADTV present: The Turntemple Jam – Bass Coast 2014 (video)

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Nov 16

Tech N9ne creates Caribou Lou’s and more with Spliff Breaks – [2014]

When Tech N9ne brought his Strangeulation Tour through Western Canada earlier this year, he once again made an impactful visit to Vancouver, BC. Spliff Breaks was on hand to capture the event and we were blessed enough to have the opportunity to link up with Tech N9ne a few hours prior to his show at the Commodore Ballroom.

John Zee hosts a video interview with the self-proclaimed Michael Myers of Rap himself… Tech N9ne.

Topics include: the history of and “how to prepare” a proper “Caribou Lou” cocktail / the origins behind the name Strange Music and working with The Doors / how Tech N9ne approaches his live shows / Michael Myers / the vulgarity behind the face paint / being the complete technician of rhyme / Tech’s meaning behind the number 9 / Tech N9ne’s proudest accomplishments / talks family, kids and fans / molly and drugs / how does Tech N9ne enjoys a Spliff Break.. and more.. 

Links@TechN9ne X

Huge props to my crew for the visuals/audio biz.. and special thanks to Amy @livenation & James Wright.

Shot by: David Dalley @hiphopvancouver and Hairghost @hairghost X Edits: Spencer Rieu X Hosted/Produced: John Zee @spliffbreaks

Previous: Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko in Vancouver @Commodore Ballroom (Pictures/Review)

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Nov 26

Killer Mike speaks passionately about Ferguson & Mike Brown [video]

Killer Mike went the f*ck off at a Run The Jewels show in Saint Louis just hours after the Grand Jury announcement of no-indictment of Police Officer Darren Wilson for shooting 18-year old Micheal Brown. Killer Mike spoke in solidarity w/Ferguson & the family of Michael Brown. Such an emotional & powerful moment that I’m glad this one dude with a phone captured.. heavy shit! but the energy after at this show must’ve been insane!


Previous: Action Bronson And Killer Mike Battle Rap On A Treadmill [video]

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Nov 25

Opiuo – Life ft. Gift Of Gab & Syreneiscreamy [DJ Vadim Remix]

New Zealand’s reigning bounce and glitch master Opiuo (for real though, he just won a 2014 NZ Music Award for best Electronica album) follows up his award winning album Meraki with Meraki Remixed, the second release on Opiuo’s recently formed label Slurp Music. A journey through influences of modern electronic music delving into tech driven drum n bass, lush techno, lashings of glitch hop, future funk and breaks. Appearances range from KOAN Sound, Spoonbill, Mr Bill, Russ Liquid, K+Lab, D-Sens, John Clayton, The Funk Hunters, Griff, Posij, Lunar Sound and DJ Vadim. A remixed album that serves as a solid follow up to the original Meraki album.

The homie Muz Buz (Opiuo’s long time friend and press/media contact) gave Spliff Breaks the green light to be the first site to exclusively showcase the DJ Vadim remix cut of “Life” that features Gift Of Gab & Syreneiscreamy. Stream Life below and then head over to for the full album. X soundcloud/opiuo X @OPIUO

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out our Spliff breaks interview with Opiou at Shambhala Festival 2013.

PreviousOpiuo – “Swing Break” ft. Kate Mullins & Russ Liquid X “1000 VOLT” (Neosignal Remix)

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Nov 24

SirReal – Words Like Weapons ft. Jona Kristinsson

SirReal recently dropped a new song titled “Words Like Weapons” featuring Jona Kristinsson singing on the chorus. The songs subject matter is a heartfelt account of being bullied through the eyes of both male and female perspectives.

There was once a young boy in elementary school who was bullied because of his living in poverty and the shoes that he wore. Another boy in his class witnessed this and I’m sure by some influence from his family and his own kind heart, decided to give the young boy a new pair of his shoes to prevent him from being bullied further. That man who gave up his new shoes has since passed away and this song is dedicated to him and any kid out there that feels like they are alone in a crowded room. RIP Brendan Bon Garnish.

Stream the song below and support by purchasing at:

Linksfacebook/SirRealMusic X @sirrealtalk 

PreviousSirreal and Supa Dan – Space Invaders (Bomb Your Planet)

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Nov 24

HHVtv Live – Alpha Omega (Prevail x Neph) is back at it with their live web series but this time they are rebranding the show and calling it HHVtv Live! The big difference in HHVtv Live from the Vancity Live series, is the change towards being more of a live podcast style show with the focus on getting in depth with mostly just one artist/group instead of several acts this time around.

In this premier episode of HHVtv Live, they host Canadian Rap legend Prevail from Swollen Members fame. Topics include: the birth of Prev’s new group “Alpha Omega” with Neph from Battle Axe / his 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle on Sway in the Morning / the importance of an artists live performance / discuss local artists Chin Injeti, SonReal, Snak The Ripper, Merkules, City Real & bsharp. The show also features a Tech N9ne x Merkules Interview, music videos from JDennis & Dkay and a quick segment featuring battle rapper Copasetic to talk about his upcoming battle at KOTD’s Flatline 3! X @hiphopvancouver

Previous: HipHopVancouver (HHVtv) – Dizaster Interview (video) 

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Nov 20

Tom MacDonald – “2 Litre” ft. Brevner & Stevie Ross [video]

The trilogy of Tom MacDonald, Brevner and Stevie Ross reunite on some Bloodsport shit for the visuals to the trap influenced “2 Litre”. The video for the MacDonald self-produced cut is done by Jeremy Cox. 2 Litre is the bonus joint from Tom’s “Bad Dream Mad Again 2″ mix-tape which is available now at

Also read up on Stevie Ross in this new article interview on him by Novo Watch.

Links@therealmrmac X @MattBrevner X @HEIGHTSOF86

PreviousMr. MacDonald – “Wannabe” (video) X Heights Of Eighty-Six – “D – Boy Hieroglyphics” ft. Atlin

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Nov 20

Action Bronson And Killer Mike Battle Rap On A Treadmill [video]

This is the best… taken from the Eric Andre show (which I’m not very familiar with, but according to XXL I need to start watching) which airs Thursday nights at 12:15am on Adult Swim. 

When the producer brings in the donuts though… dead.

Previous: Action Bronson – Easy Rider X Until The Ribbon Breaks ft. Run The Jewels – “Revolution Indifference” 

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Nov 20

LOUDPVCK – A$AP Rocky – Multiply (LOUDPVCK Bootleg)

LOUDPVCK adds some more trappy, trill grit and spice to the new A$AP Rocky joint Multiply.. #HURT

Linkssoundcloud/loudpvck @LOUDPVCK

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Nov 19

Sabota “Stumble” – Live at Bass Coast 2014

Our friends over at RADTV just put out this live-performance video of Sabota (Vancouver duo Max Ulis + Robbie Slade) doing their rendition of “Stumble” on the Pirate Radio stage at this years Bass Coast festival. A wistful tune that recalls of long summer days capped with gorgeous sunsets. This awesome video really captures the fun vibes that Bass Coast fully embodies. Dig it.

Spliff Breaks also teamed up with RADTV to record a new interview with Sabota. You can watch that HERE.

Links: X soundcloud/sabota X @Sabotamusic X facebook/sabotamusic

PreviousSabota Interview with Spliff Breaks – [Bass Coast 2014]

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Nov 18

Pusha-T – Lunch Money (prod. Kanye West)

Pusha-T will be following up last years My Name is My Name LP by releasing King Push some time in 2015 (exact date unconfirmed). Listen to the first offering “Lunch Money” produced by Kanye West below.

Links: X @PUSHA_T

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