Mar 12

“How Do You Enjoy a Spliff Break” (Highlights) Ft. Devin The Dude, Raekwon, Tech N9ne, Demigodz, Asher Roth, Tajai, Sabota, Pigeon Hole & Stylust Beats

Here at ‪#‎SpliffBreaks‬ we put together a highlight video of answers to our catchphraze question we ask in interviews; “How Do You Enjoy a Spliff Break?”.

Being that the people we interview all come from their own set of diverse backgrounds, the answers we get are often as original and unique as our guests themselves.

Guest features include: Stickybuds, Devin The Dude, Pigeon Hole & Stylust Beats, Tajai (Hieroglyphics), Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), DJ Nu-Mark, Tech N9ne, Asher Roth, Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled), Sabota.

Host / Producer: John Zee – Twitter / Instagram / Facebook: @spliffbreaks 

Video edited by: Matt Pidutti:

Contributing Videopgraphers include:
Matt Pidutti – Nathan Skillen: RADTV – Spencer Rieu – David Dalley:
Johnny Erwin: – Daniel J. Pierce: – Colby Rex O’Neil: – Trevar Fox:

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Feb 23

YELAWOLF talks FeFe Dobson, Rap Supergroups, Public Misconceptions, Love Story, SOA & more on SpliffBreaks

When Yelawolf last visited Vancouver, he took some time out of his busy tour schedule to sit and talk with John Zee from

Together the two discuss such topics as: FeFe Dobson, moving/living in Canada, Rap Supergroups, Touring/Performing with Bones Owens & DJ Klever, “Till It’s Gone” & the new Yelawolf sound, Stereotypes and avoiding being pigeon holed, Acting and Sons Of Anarcy (SOA), Public Misconceptions, His new album “Love Story”, How Yelawolf enjoys a ‘Spliff Break’ and much more..

Hosted & Produced by: John Zee – Cinematography by: Trevar Fox and Reza Naghibi – Edited: Trevar Fox
Contributing support from @BlueprintLive

Links@SpliffBreaks X / instagram/yelawolf

You can also listen to Yelawolf’s new song “Whiskey In A Bottle” below.

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Mar 23

Spliff Breaks & BlueprintLIVE present: Music Video Monthly (Pictures – Mar. 17th)

Here are the pictures taken from the 1st installment of #MusicVideoMonthly at Fortune Sound Club on March 17th (St. Patricks day). Big shouts out to BlueprintLIVE who helped us put this on, Fortune Sound for hosting us, Ramshackle Pictures for filming the performances, all the artists who performed (DJ Coner, AyetownGrossbuster w/ DJ Jetts & MC Orilla and The Evildoers) and last but definitely nowhere near least.. all the awesome people who came and rocked out with us on a Tuesday night!

Photos c/o: Diane Jackson  – Lil d Studios

To view the entire photo set, visit:

Video footage will start being released in the coming weeks, stay tuned! Our next “Music Video monthly” event will take place on Wednesday, May 20th. Artists / Musicians looking to register, pls send your submissions to:

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Mar 23

Dirty Harry x TroyBoi – “O.G.”

Dirty Harry (Calgary, AB) drops a ode to all the O.G.’s who came before us.. Beat produced by TroyBoy out of London, UK. 

Links@HarmFranklin X facebook/harmfranklin X soundcloud/harmfranklin

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Mar 23

Aileron – “Me Voy” Ft. Madchild

Aileron dropped a new single / video titled “Me Voy” featuring Madchild. Beat produced by Swisslizz, video directed by Thoughtbox Visuals. X soundcloud/aileronmusic X @AileronMusic X facebook/Aileronmusic 

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Mar 17

Christ Baston – “Hello I’m Dreaming” [Mixtape]

Chris Baston is a Florida-bred, LA-based singer/producer who recently dropped his new ten-song project, Hello, I’m Dreaming. I’m feeling Baston’s style / flow throughout this project and it’s def an LP worth checking out if you like some smooth ass, new-age R&B. X @CBatsonMusic 

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Mar 17

HUMANS – “Tell Me” [Video]

Really feeling the new music video “Tell Me” by HUMANS (Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq) off their Noontide LP. I totally dig the fun, creative story line acted out by the puppets (Puppeteers: Dusty Hagerüd, Ayma Letang, and Robbie Slade himself) and the lucid, acid washed dream state brought on by spiked Octopus elixirs really made me smile, that was rad. This is a great video for a dope song. Enjoy.

Dir: Peter Ricq – Producer: Joseph Klymkiw – Cat: instagram @hisnameisgary

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Mar 16

HHVtv presents: Alex Maher – “Signs”

Our friends over at recently had local to Van City musician Alex Maher stop by the HHV compound to perform his song ‘Signs’. From beatboxing to sample looping, guitar to saxophone and of course lead vocals, this guy Alex Maher does it all.. Check it out. @hiphopvancouver

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Mar 16

5 Reasons Why Attending #MusicVideoMonthly on Tues., March 17th @FortuneSound is a Good Idea..

#5 Reasons why attending Music Video Monthly on Tuesday, March 17th at Fortune Sound is a good idea..

1. It’s all about the music here and the line up performing is great. Enthusiastic, vibrant, energetic, diverse, impressive etc.. are just some words that come to mind when explaining the artists scheduled to perform Tuesday night. We have something for everyone. Whether its raps over boom bap, hip hop beats you crave, or chopped up samples with live instrumentation and beat looping with scratching, to eclectic rhythms and party rocking jams, to a full 5 piece band performing passionately with every ounce of energy and fortitude they have.. you literally have something for everyone at this event. Boredom and redundancy will not be an issue at #MusicVideoMonthly.

To find links and info about the artists performing, visit: MusicVideoMonthly/

2. It’s Saint Patricks Day! After work many of you will already be out at your local pubs and bar stools downing a few pints of Irish beer and washing them back with a few shots of Irish whiskey but when those pubs slow down to a screeching halt, where are you going to go? Do you really feel like venturing into the nightclub district of downtown Vancouver where you’ll most likely get stuck paying an over-priced cover charge, listening to some band do Celtic cover songs or a DJ playing all the tunes you already hate listening to on the radio? No.. you don’t want that. Avoid the headache and come to Fortune Sound (located in the Chinatown district – 147 E. Pender St.) where you’ll feel like you can be yourself, wearing whatever gear you happen to have on at the moment and you won’t brake the bank coming in. Club closes at 1AM so you can get home and sleep off the night before your alarm starts buzzing again the next morning.. Only $5 at the door.

3. It’s Fortune Sound Club.. As many of you reading this already know, Fortune is one of the best venues in our city for live sound. The Funktion One sound system that this club boasts is by far one of the best in Vancouver. No constant feedback or static and very rarely will you find an artist constantly screaming back to the sound man to “Turn his mic up/down”. The atmosphere and ambiance of Fortune is also unique. It’s a comforting and welcoming club to visit with staff that are always accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. If “Cheers” (the 80’s sitcom about a cozy, local pub in Boston) could be a nightclub, it would be Fortune Sound.

4. We need your support! A big part of what we are providing at this event is live performance video shoots for the artists involved. They perform, we film and capture the performance and release it shortly after the event. But it’s not just about the artists on stage. We need a good audience on hand for all the crowd shots and that means having a lively bunch on the dance floor. Interactions between the musicians and the crowd is key for making these videos look as best as they can. That means the crowd plays almost as big of a role in these videos as the artists do themselves. It’s a cool feeling knowing that not only did you come out and see a good show and get more than your money’s worth, but you in fact played a key role in helping to support the videos produced as well.

5. Your supporting the thriving, local Vancouver / B.C. music scene. We have an amazing, unique and diverse music scene here in Van City that (in my humble opinion) could rival the bigger metropolis cities like New York or L.A. if only more people supported and knew about it. If you want to keep seeing this talent in your own backyard, you have to support it when shows like these come around. Many times people in Vancouver are just waiting for the next big American act to come play our city when there’s perfectly fine, top-notch, outstanding bands performing on any given night of the week right here, right now. Our goal with these videos is to further portray and showcase these artists on a wider, more global scale. Coming out and supporting a night like #MusicVideoMonthly will greatly help us achieve that goal… oh and like I said earlier, it’s only $5 at the door.  

So there’s just a few reasons why coming out to #MusicVideoMonthly is quite possibly the best decision you’ll make all day, week or year! See you soon.  

Links: MusicVideoMonthly/ X facebook/SpliffBreaks @SpliffBreaks

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Mar 13

Cool Shit Friday

Its back!!  The hackers might have taken us away for one week but we prevailed and can now share another helping of Cool Shit for this Friday.  This week we have the awesome “The Ridge”/ Vice season 3 epsiode 1/ Skateboarding in Afghanistan and so much more!


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Mar 12

Azrael & Inkspill – Heavy Mellow

Heavy Mellow is the trippy, spaced out new music video from Van City rappers Azrael and Inkspill. Beat produced by Delf, with the video being done by Trevar Fox (who also shot & cut our recent Yelawolf interview). This song can be found on “Intergalactic Soul Movement” by Delf & Friends. Mixed by Stroker DeLuca @Deluca Sound Lab.

Linkssoundcloud/azraelrapsgood X soundcloud/inkspill

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