Apr 17

Spliff Breaks & BlueprintLIVE present: Grossbuster (ft. MC Orilla & Dj Jetts) – (Music Video Monthly)


Grossbuster (Victoria, BC) performs alongside MC Orilla and Dj Jetts, as part of +Music Video Monthly+ at Fortune Sound Club.

Included below are videos of Grossbuster performing live and also an exclusive video interview with John Zee from Spliff Breaks.

Filmed on March 17/15.

+ We are currently accepting submissions for our May 20th – Music Video Monthly event+
For details visit our Event Page: MusicVideoMonthly – May 20th @FortuneSound 

Artists & Musicians looking to inquire about our events and/or to reserve a spot for an upcoming event, please email submissions to: spliffbreaks@gmail.com – Video shot / edited by: Ramshackle Pictures.

Links@SpliffBreaks X bplive.ca X fortunesoundclub.com

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Mar 12

“How Do You Enjoy a Spliff Break” (Highlights) Ft. Devin The Dude, Raekwon, Tech N9ne, Demigodz, Asher Roth, Tajai, Sabota, Pigeon Hole & Stylust Beats

Here at ‪#‎SpliffBreaks‬ we put together a highlight video of answers to our catchphrase question we ask in interviews; “How Do You Enjoy a Spliff Break?”.

Being that the people we interview all come from their own set of diverse backgrounds, the answers we get are often as original and unique as our guests themselves.

Guest features include: Stickybuds, Devin The Dude, Pigeon Hole & Stylust Beats, Tajai (Hieroglyphics), Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), DJ Nu-Mark, Tech N9ne, Asher Roth, Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled), Sabota.

Host / Producer: John Zee – Twitter / Instagram / Facebook: @spliffbreaks 

Video edited by: Matt Pidutti: pudsbrand.com

Contributing Videopgraphers include:
Matt Pidutti – Nathan Skillen: RADTV – Spencer Rieu – David Dalley: hiphopvancouver.com
Johnny Erwin: enterineo.com – Daniel J. Pierce: ramshackle.ca – Colby Rex O’Neil: lotuseatersfilms.com – Trevar Fox: inkspill.com

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Apr 17

Freddie Gibbs – “My Dope House” (prod. KAYTRANADA)


Damn son.. Gangsta Gibbs and KAYTRANADA!? DOPE! For a self-proclaimed Gangsta Rapper, Freddie Gibbs sure has his hear to the beats and definitely knows his producers well. From working with Madlib, to Mr. Green, to Flume, to Statik Selektah, to JMSN (the list goes on…) it seems like Gibbs never has a problem flowing his thug-riddled verses over a plethora of different beats and sounds from a multitude of producers.

The same can be said with Gibbs and Montreal beatsmith KAYTRANADA, providing the perfect canvas for Freddie to do what he does on “My Dope House.”

Recorded at Redbull Studios in Los Angeles, the single will be released as a limited-edition 7″ vinyl in May.

Also watch Freddie Gibbs performing during the Boiler Room’s annual SXSW showcase, with J. Rocc (Beat Junkies / Stones Throw) on the turntables. Gibbs kills this set, I need to see this dude live soon… (then maybe I can be like the white photographer guy in this video side stage singing along to all the lyrics as well haha)  

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Apr 17

Gramatik – Native Son ft. Raekwon & Orlando Napier

Gramatik Raekwon & Orlando Napier - Native Son - spliffbreaks

Stream/DL the first single from producer Gramatik’s upcoming Epigram EP. “Native Son” was written by Orlando Napier. As the story goes, Orlando came by Gramatik’s crib one day, played the rhodes and sang it casually. They ended up making it a two-part song, with “Native Son Prequel” being the second track, which will also be on Epigram. Both parts talk about a kid that grew up hard on the streets of NYC, each song addressing a different period in his life. “Native Son” is how he reflects on his younger years, while “Native Son Prequel” is him living the younger years. They both decided that the reflective part felt perfect for a Raekwon verse, so they sent it to him, thinking nothing would really come of it, but much to their surprise, he liked it and said yes. The rest is history.

Links: gramatik.net X soundcloud/gramatik X @Gramatik

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Apr 16

Yelawolf – Best Friend ft. Eminem (Lyric Video)

yelawolf best friend- lyrics video

Yelawolf enlists Eminem to join him on his newest single “Best Friend” off Catfish Billy’s new upcoming album “Love Story” dropping April 21st. This song is catchy as hell with a fire hook and dope verses from Yela and of course, Shady comes through with a slew of crazy bars and spastic delivery that even Usain Bolt would have a challenge keeping up with. Thank god for the lyric video below.. Peep game.

And if you haven’t watched our exclusive Spliff Breaks interview with Yelawolf yet, you can do so now here..

Links: IG: @yelawolf X slumerican.com

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Apr 16

PRhyme ( DJ Premier & Royce Da 5’9″) – You Should Know ft. Dwele


Not sure how this one slipped by me, but it did and I figured better late than never right..?? When PRhyme is mentioned around Vancouver, it seems people are still reeling from the incredible show that Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier put on at Fortune Sound. It’s still early in the year, but I’ve yet to see a show in 2015 that even comes close to being as dope as that performance was. Watch the newest video from PRhyme for their song “You Should Know” ft. Dwele. And if you’re one of those weirdo’s that still hasn’t listened/copped the new PRhyme LP, you can do so now here..

Links: prhymeofficial.com X @PRhyme_Official

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Apr 15

Emotionz – Psychedelic Boombox (Tour Video) + CD release party (Sat., Apr. 18th @Red Room)

emotionz tour recap

The homie Emotionz has been on the road in BC/Alberta as of late touring/promoting his new album “Psychedelic Boombox (out now on iTunes). Here at Spliff Breaks we were sent a copy of the record and we’re really digging the sounds and concepts on this new project from Emotionz. It’s definitely galactic at times taking the listener on a journey through the interstellar realms of Emotionz mind with mindbending astrological bars that range from Shamanism to Hallucinogens to Astronauts and everything in between. Matched with beats and production that perfectly accompany Emotionz lyrics and incredible hooks from both Gisto and Emotionz himself, “Psychedelic Boombox” has Emotionz tackling new concepts and vocal recordings not normally found on his previous projects.

Included below is a midway tour recap video of the Psychedelic Boombox tour that should get you hype on his upcoming CD release party show this Saturday, April 18th at the Red Room in Vancouver (click HERE for event info). Also performing alongside Emotionz will be long time collaborator Stylust Beats along with DJ Praiz, Gangstronauts and Supa Dan and stage visuals provided by Ineo Studios.

Video shot/edited by Johnny Erwin.

Links@EmotionzMusic X IG: Emotionz X facebook/Emotionz X soundcloud/emotionz

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Apr 15

Panther Matumona – M.O.A.C “Meditating On A Comet”


Panther Matumona just released the video to his self-produced single ‘Meditating on a Comet’. The 22 year old Van City native resides in Montreal and is known as the front-man of the band Panther & The Supafly. He is currently recording a solo EP and is working on a track with THUGLI. Video directed by Donbreezz!

Links@panthermatumona X facebook/panthersupafly

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Apr 07

DJ QBert presents: Hard Boiled Scrambled (Mix)


One of my (and many others) all-time favourite DJ’s, DJ QBert (San Francisco) has just dropped a new mix! This man is a legend for many reasons, he helped coin the term “turntablism” and was the front man of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz crew (which also includes Beastie Boys’ DJ Mixmaster Mike, and Fool’s Gold Records founder DJ A-Trak, among others). It’s not everyday we get new music from QBert, never mind a brand spankin’ new 47min mix. Mass Appeal has liberated the mix titled “Hard Boiled Scrambled” that finds QBert sharing records with DJ “The Eggsecutioner”. The pair of DJ’s do a great job at flipping through stacks of wax, freestyling and digging through some heavy (and deep) crates of 1960s and early ’70s Soul, Funk, and Rare Groove.. Enjoy!

Linksdjqbert.com X X @DJQbert

Spotted at: ambrosiaforheads

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Apr 07

Grandtheft & Keys N Krates – Keep It 100 (Neon Steve Remix)

neon steve-keep it 100-remix

A couple months ago Grandtheft hooked up Victoria’s Neon Steve the parts to do a remix of his and Keys N Krates ‘KEEP IT 100′. It’s now been recently released on Mad Decent. Lots of drums with heavy bass kicks on this one to ensure the heads keep bobbing and nodding. Be sure to catch Neon Steve playing this track and many others at a shit load of festivals all across BC this summer! Stream ‘KEEP IT 100′ below and if you’re feeling like having this track all for yourself, head over to iTunes to support.

Linkssoundcloud/neonsteve X facebook/djneonsteve X @DJNEONSTEVE

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Apr 06

Spliff Breaks & BlueprintLIVE present: The Evildoers – (Music Video Monthly)

evildoers promo pic

The Evildoers (facebook.com/DoinEvil) perform as part of +Music Video Monthly+ at Fortune Sound Club on March 17/15. The Evildoers are a 5 piece band consisting of Copasetic, Ben Stuart-Garrick, Geoff Wickberg, Darcy Greene and James Mulholland.

Included below are videos of The Evildoers performing live and also an exclusive interview with John Zee from Spliff Breaks.

To inquire about our monthly events and/or reserve your spot for an upcoming event, please email submissions to: spliffbreaks@gmail.com – Video shot / edited by: Ramshackle Pictures.

Links: @SpliffBreaks X bplive.ca X fortunesoundclub.com

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